Conducted Experience Sharing and GIS Technology Transfer

The voluntary GIS workflow experience sharing in Application of GIS for farmlands compensation exercise to NEWMAP water conservation sites. The Voluntary wills of Mama Information Technology and GIS Solutions Ltd is prioritizing dams projects as its area of interest to support our home state by giving the GIS Unit a capacity building required to address complicated issues on land acquisition compensation resolutions without Panadol.

Our Company used uses its intellectual available resources to present the deliverable that will improve the project fast forward.

At the end of the capacity building your GIS Unit was able to have all the water conservation sites at spatial level (GIS software compatible) as well as all the individual farms involved within a perimeter extent. This will be a base map onto which Farms involved within the final perimeter survey can be projected before final field ground-thruthing is visited.

The final product of this GIS capacity building have provide opportunity to take spatial information to online links (NEWMAP-Kano Website ( accessible from all devices that can be on internet and have gave basis of individual farm projected instrument (voucher instrument) and easy way for accounting Unit to issue disbursements at digital level verifiable.