Settlement Feature Extraction

Settlements feature extraction is our methodology involved in field preparations to capture names of identified settlements through satellite imagery of a region, LGA, State and ward areas of a country.
We plan for field data collection with the feature extractions conducted from our GIS Lab. This showcase cost of work balance and logistics appropriations before field deployments of human resources and devices.
See sample of Settlement feature extraction prepared for field data collection:-
Settlement Feature Extraction 1

This is a standard process with a genuine methodology; a process of capturing and attributing settlement points (automated or manually executed) that are making the world a global village is a primary issue to generality of Governmental activities and corporate bodies responsible for activities in relation to locations. 

The Settlement points captured makes the geography of a place enhanced or even completed for both Static and Dynamic mapping technology. The process can be done using GERMIN, Differential GPS, or using an automated application on android devices with GPS capabilities.

Settlement points makes address locator to give location based applications a better service to humanity and other functions requiring settlements routes and routing.

From the fully attributed settlements at Ward, LGA and State level boundaries can be actualized in such a way that all settlements speak for their own boundaries (Ward and LGA Level boundaries geometry corrections). A process of generating boundaries from a point feature class; possible at not only State level but Ward & LGAs level as well.
Settlement Feature Extraction 2