Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Ltd has believed in the rules of conservativeness in GIS resources secrecy to be applied and be made operational strictly on optional approvals in disseminating unique GIS Information. 

We are determined to ascertain full optioned services in ability to deliver GIS projects contracted by Governments and other Registered Cooperates.

The following are the Policies developed and in adherence with:

  • Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Ltd normally Start office hours early in the day. Customers are attended online or on Desk office between 9am and end 4pm every working day.
  • We will honorably receive and treat your applications / request on time.
  • Will only issue final Project / activity result(s) after all payments are completed.
  • We will not be liable for any application not properly filled or endorsed or any of signature, name and phone number omission on a “Quote Form” located on our website..
  • We don’t entertain hawkers / touts within the premises of our office boundary as well as hate speech on our “forum” or “Online charts” background of our website.
  • We are always committed to serve you better.

Thanks for your understanding.
Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Limited.