Plots Feature Extraction

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions has had a wide range of experience while as consultants at Kano Geographic Information Systems 2012-2015. Some of our committments to go on digital cadastral  to depict real patterns of our layouts in Nigeria; an example below:-

Until proven with genuine monoments / beacons we don’t employ the use of remote sensing technology on extraction of plot-parcel lands (required validation with statutory beacons of every parcel) because every statutory beacon counts in the implementation of Land Parcels features extractions.

Plots Feature Extraction 1Remote sensing data gives thousands of vertices within a regular polygon; this violates the setting of a statutory survey plan, cadastral rules, and Lands titling instrumentation deviations. Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions have experts that can handle GIS issues for Land Administration in Nigeria.

Remote Sensing can be applied to other GIS sites but not in land parcels feature extractions. It is from a Parcel ( polygon) vertices (statutory beacons) are regenerated but all polygon’s vertices must 100% sit on their respective statutory beacons. This will nullify distance and bearings errors during instrumentation.

Plots Feature Extraction 2The use of advance GP tools are required to draw a statutory polygon; from which all geometrical instrumentation concerning Cadastral, Lands and Survey units are digitally designed and electronically produce titles like C-of-O, Letters of Grant, and possibly occupancy permits or Right of Occupancy at computer speeds upto a kind of 100,000 TDPs per day.


Mama employs the use of Digitization , Vectorization & Traverses of existing survey plans to generate parcels feature class with survey and cadastral rules of instrumentations embedded within a geodatabase attributed schema.

After the full scrutiny with statutory beacons a result below can be realized :
Plots Feature Extraction 3