NEWMAP Website Designing Consultancy

Mama Information Technology has also completed a Website Enterprise design with GIS orientation  embedded  to  Kano-NEWMAP Project (World Bank Project NG-KANO SPMU-96285-CV-NDV) . The website design Terms and Conditions in structure is as  follows:-
a. Homepage:- Introduction, Picture gallery, current activities, and link to news and events.
b. About Us:- This page will contain everything about NEWMAP-Kano Project, its mandates, aims and objectives, Policies, list of services and the management.
c. Services:- This will contain all the services rendered to the public in details.
d. DMS:- This will contain site maps and their attributes such as plan, soil analytics, Hydrology, directions and accumulation Maps / diagrams, soil degradation sites etc.
e. Projects:- This page will contain both the completed and undergoing project with their details which includes pictures and videos.
f. News & Event:- This will contain news, workshops, past and upcoming events including videos.
1. To be the first point of reference on Kano NEWMAP by providing an instant visual presentation of Kano NEWMAP mandates, its services, aims and objectives.
2. The Website should have a provision for complete Document Management System that  will allow for embedment of Geospatial facts (Rasters files format) on activities tied to Kano NEWMAP areas of intervention.
3. The Website will showcase the achievements and the progress of the ongoing projects for the monitoring entitles like World Bank, State Government, FPMU and other stakeholders to easily tress and review each and every step carried out in the process.
4. It will also provide news, events and updates on the work of Kano-NEWMAP so that the targeted audience and other members of the public can see and comment on them.
5. To create a comprehensive online database system so that all activities of Kano NEWMAP can store as a backup on the cloud.

For More Details on the website please see the frame below:-