Kano Investment Promotion Agency Website Upgrade

Upgraded Kano Investment Promotion Agency’s (KanInvest) website and LAN Network configurations .

We have done the following to develop the website

  1. Develop the GIS based website with capabilities of executing Document Management System and Geospatial based to cover location of activities committed by “KanInvest” on a domain registered as www.kaninvest.kn.gov.ng.

Below are the summary of the entire Project  executed by Mama Information Technology and GIS Solutions Ltd.

  1. Setting up a published GIS Infrastructure for Investment Cadastral / Cadastre information for Online website embedded access only. The Information will contain:-
  2. Name of the Investor, Phone Number attribution.
  3. We will also include a comprehensive DMS provisions for the website
  4. Creation of 28+ Informative Website pages / domain translational and capable of delivering the following :-
  5. “About Us”(- Who We are, What We do, Policies , “Investment Opportunities” , “Incentives”, “Contact Us”, etc
  6. On Cloud Document Management System Central Database of office documents safety.
  7. Dynamic and Online GIS life view of variable location-clustered investment ares in Kano State.
  8. Policies, Mission , Vision and Goals Statements of this reputable Organization will also be enhanced at the website background.

For details on the website please visit this site