GIS Service for Hydromet Analytics

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions limited has join the rest of the world in developing a GIS infrastructure for Hydromet Sensing Equipment’s data analysis;

Example of Hydromet Equipment in connection to GIS workflow / transmission model:-

GIS Service for Hydromet Analytics 1

because in the recent years World Bank and other Governmental organizations have undertaken the use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications in climatic and meteorological analytics, this include traditional GIS strategies for hydromet database rest features analysis and management fused hydromet data.

 A cloud based data collection center for hydromet sensors is our first priority. The rest data can be automatically imported onto GIS based software environment (GIS Server / Portals) having capabilities to support analysis in symbologies of hydromet data.

In addition to our provisional GIS solutions to comfort meteorologists that found GIS operating model handy, we very much welcome our clients  to render our services.