GIS For Production Mapping Service.

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions uses Advance GP Tools to make possible instrumentation done at that past (manual cartography) with GIS Production Mapping now be done smarter, faster and more accurate than the olden days processes. We have covered the following areas of Cartography (GIS Production Mapping) a capacity of developing Map Instruments of up to 10,000 pieces in 24 hours. We employ the use of Automatic (robotic) Mapping system the world is using today. Some our mapping standards are as follows:-

All Land Administrative Instrumentation ranging from Survey down to Cadastral system adopted from colonial Masters and after 1960’s independence can be automated. One of the simplest instrument used my Ministries of Lands in Nigeria is a Site Plan Application form and Survey Plan for production of Certificate Of Occupancy See Samples below:-

In a process of Land Taxation in Nigeria both statutory and customary titles are subject to annual Ground Rent taxation by Land Taxation Philosophy, but with limitations and lack of plots / buildings spatial database present, our country is finding it difficult to justify Land property taxation and this is what can be solved using advance GIS technology. Primarily an instrument for land parcel filed data collection map is our first priority see sample below:-

Hydrology and Flood Analytics is another field on concern to humanity that is why Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions have made its way in finding feasible solutions through static and dynamic mapping models for Water Disaster / risk management, through Water flow direction and accumulation points mapping in determining erosion and its possible fingers, see samples below:-

Development of Micro-Plan Maps for field activities like IPDs , Census data collection, Compensation of farmlands acquisition programs, Mitigation and Surveillance reports maps are engineered by our experts using advance GIS tools See samples below:-

In the field of topographic map engineering we employ the use of surveyors and  collection of high targets (x,y,z) points to create DEMs, or Use DEM Raster like SRTM, ASTER , Drones Raster, etc. for the extraction of elevations and produce contours (at the required interval) see samples below:-

We also design and publish wind maps and other type of maps (Political maps, physical maps, road maps, topographic maps, time zone maps, geologic maps, and zip code maps) that may be custom demanded by our clients.