GIS Package for Mining Services

1. Introduction

The Nigerian Mineral Sector is currently undergoing radical structural reforms that will allow for maximal mining exploitation, in view of its potential in diversifying the national economy Mama Information Technology & GIS solutions Limited has joined the scenario as part of the reforms, by providing digital solutions for mineral titles and permits granted by a new mining cadastre system. This requires the Government to examine the spatial distribution of the licenses granted using the geographic information system (GIS) across the entire state (State boarder mining location conflict resolution included).

A creation of simple attributed Geo-database representations can allow SQL queries employment, to monitor and select all types of licenses issued by the Federal Government based on their locations, types of explorations conducted and area measurement that have fallen within the boundary of Jurisdiction of every State in Nigeria. This will allow State Governments to know the Land proportions legitimated to those mining purposes in relation to revenue collection and royalties. Mining Landed properties allocated by the Federal Government will attract huge revenue to the state by Geometry /Digital on GIS Survey Plans justifications and this can  be obtained from individual mining Surveyed Plans. This Mining cadastre will resolve Geometric conflict between Mining Act and Land Act across the virgin lands of Kano State with various explorations in brown and greenfields extensively dominating by same activity. This proposal will ascertain the percentage revenue of Kano State from Mining sector and help the State’s Town Planning body to properly design future layouts without Geometrical conflicts with Federal Government Mining Titles Allocations. Keywords: , GIS, Mining-cadastre, License, Mining, Exploration, Quarry, Small-scale, Shapefiles.

2. Results Pre-requisites

  • Mama Information Technology and GIS Solutions must have datasets for Remote sensing mapping of Geologic Units, Geothermal, Hydrothermal, Bedrocks history, Fault lines, Areas of Mineral Deposits, Lineaments, Deposition Thickness, Geochemical History, GeoPhysics and DEMs analytics of a place to enable prospective areas of mining activities. See Samples below:-
  • A GIS shapefile containing the geometry of titles based on a pre-defined grid system, traversed Survey Plans, Name of the Companies, Type of Exploration conducted, validity period of every title , Area in Sqm and corresponding multiplicative factor for each exploration type are the data required for the creation of the Mining cadastre and instrumentation analytics.
  • Set of Individual Mining title should be called to order by having a clear copy of all mining titles operating in Kano State, this will serve as a secondary source of spatial data collection in relation to file numbers used as identifiers obtained.
  • Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions will proceed with data collection, collation and GUI interpretation of information analytics dashboard for all registered mining locations operating in Kano State.
  • The database coordinate system platform that will be employed is WGS_UTM_Zone_32N and when demanded at spatial data level, will be converted into UTM Minna Datum 32N for the consumption of the state.
  • Revenue generation sourced from across mining titles geometries in the existing 44 LGA of Kano State per annum will be on digital bases.
  • The Project is expected to last for good 3 months from the starting date at the designated office by the State Government venue for this special project.

3. Material Inputs

Item Description.
GIS Server Apps. Allow chances for Publishing Mining Services for the consumption of the state ministries
GIS Client Apps. Office Inbound Data Access Center machine
Powerful Desktop Machine 21 inches all in one 1Tb HDD, 16GB RAM, Core i7 Intel Processor & Intel VGA
Powerful Laptop Machine 17 inches screen, 1Tb HDD, 16GB RAM, Core i7 Intel Processor & Intel VGA
Industrial UPS / Inverter. Power Backup Supply using UPS / Inverter.
GIS Vectorization A serious Vectorization of Physical Data onto GIS format
VHR Satellite Imagery @ 0.15megapixel resolution for the 44 LGAs of Kano  State. This reveals real time situation reports in relation to settlements / resettlement. It will also show a clear compliance with the rule of mining Act.
Internet Service Internet 10Mbps / 10Mbps
A3 Printer LaserJet Printer
Scanner A3 Scanner
Office Vehicle Transportation for field visits
Training The state Government will situate 2 trusted staff that will receive training on how to find the Geodatabase handy.
Some immediate results at individual level includes:- GIS Package for Mining Services 1

4.     Expected Results:-

1.   The State Ministry of Environment, Commerce & Industry and Town Planning body will have a source of secondary mining data centered from the Government House as well as areas of prospects in Mining activities.

2.  The Government House can be able to determine amount of revenue to be generated from registered mining titles at per square meter level annually.

3. Conflicts between Federal Mining Titles and State Land use Titles will be resolvable.

4.   Living Settlements at villages with Federal Mining Allocations upon will be called to order.

5. The Mining Cadastre system will serve as a tracking layer of all registered mining activities in the state at location based level.

6.   Two (2) well GIS-trained Staff under the office of Mineral Development Office in the Government House.

7. A developed portal for the entire Mining Cadastre accessible from mobile Phones (if authorized).