GIS Package for Health Services

Mama information Technology & GIS Solutions have joined the rest of the world is designing solutions (some local problems can only be addressed using a local solution) with the innovation Geographic Information systems has brought us today.

GIS exists as a backbone not only to Mapping activities but Management and wide ranges of statistical analysis in all forms function of Human life. It is a good innovation introducing advancement of GIS Technology into creation of feasible map solutions to the existing Health Facility, Micro-Plan and way forward for successful achievements of any health Project objectives The Purpose of this package is to design an engineered modeling of Data capturing, Synchronization, Management , Geodatabase, formed applications and map production.

We go into the following areas of health sector to contribute our experience with Geography for health purposes.

  1. Primary Health care.
  2. Environmental sanitation.
  3. Safe guard delivery services.
  4. Epidemiology engineering Maps.
  5. IPD micro plan Maps.
  6. Health Field data collection.
  7. Coverage computations.
  8. Work plan disseminations.
  9. Health Logistics computation.
  10. CBOs Network connectivity and coverage determinations
  11. Health Intervention Maps.
  12. Health Activities tracking systems.

GIS solutions are made feasible to suite a geographical settings of a place based on culture, tradition and complexity nature of its demography.

Mama information Technology study’s a nature of a physical problem and design a feasible digital solution at locations of event, cause or factors of indicators.

GIS Package for health Solutions requirements are as follows:-

  1. A symbolized viable base map of location (Settlement Points, Roads, HFs, Wells, Restaurants, Drainages, and other Points of Interests (POIs))
  2. Relational Database of location and events.
  3. Geometrical profiling of HFs and quartile relationships to population density.
  4. Advance Mapping capabilities at production capacity.
  5. Quantum Analytics of Health Facilities development across regions.
  6. Client purchased license for GIS Software and extension tools.
  7. APIs for Java Scripts Enterprise dashboards for results display and action alerts.
  8. Cadastral of building assets belonging to Towns, Villages and Cities showing location where people leave.
  9. Mapping of Risk areas by level of reach and hazards.
  10. Dissemination of required map tools to destination areas of impact

The health package involves the following as factors of consideration:-


Activity Description




Deployment of Manpower / Devices in to field on data collection / possible re-visit on identified wrong collected coordinate or any incompleteness.

60 days of Flat take-off

Security Authority must be notified, Advocacy Visits to Traditional rulers must be done, and Media Sensitization on the activities must be done, as well as base line data collection within 60 days of the implementation on coordinate capturing Exercise.


Data collected, correlation with the acquired Imagery and projected with the required coordinate system in adoption will be implemented by our GIS experts in terms of Data Management

60 days on data management to complete on  the Committed states compilation of the Meta database

All equipment will be deployed back to the headquarters for retirement and data will be in custody of Data Manager by the appointed State’s GIS coordinator.


Production of approved Map standards in data-driven advance methods / SQL management for portable applications

48 hours of Map production.

When data is ready for action can be transformed into verity of formed applications

Limitations of GIS Health Package in Nigeria are as follows:-

Data synchronizations with satellite transmission will not be used within the Nigerian context but rather a GPS Transmission to capture coordinates and store them in the memory while synchronizations and tabulating of captured coordinate are converged for further verifications in case of complications.

Data Management:-

After data collections are successful, advance ArcGIS Geo-processing tools will be used to determine the quality and integrity of the field data collected, Imagery will help in screening the actual sitting of each coordinated point captured across the federation.

A binary Geodatabase  (.gdb extension ) will be created after all the necessary cleanup are successfully completed  to  Meta-Database and feature service layers down to APIs SDKs and other shapefiles orientated online applications.

GIS Package for Health Services 1