GIS Package for Digital Topography

Mama Information Technology have adopted ESRI’s models of Digital modeling of topographic mapping using DEMs, High-Targets Points (survey collected points) and sources from drones for the primary requirements of elevation dataset.

When designing a Digital based Topographic Mapping jobs we do the following:-

    1. Extraction of preparatory Map:

    1. Indexing the extent area of the Digital Topography:

    1. Individual Index Production Mapping:

This brings the need to employ GIS as an integral part of geographic information systems (GIS) that we mostly often used for

  1. Hydrological modeling including flood simulation, delineation and analysis of watersheds and drainage networks,
  2. Soil erosion and sediment transport modeling,
  3. Delineation and study of physiographic units,
  4. Soil and ecological studies,
  5. Geomorphological evaluation of landforms,
  6. Civil engineering and military applications such as site and route selection, landslide hazard assessment, visibility analysis (view shed analysis),
  7. Remotely sensed image enhancement for 3D analysis. Groundwater and climatic models also use digital topographic data as essential components. Digital elevation models provide an opportunity to characterize quantitatively land surface in terms of slope gradient and curvature and yield digital terrain information not blurred by land cover features which is often a problem in stereo-aerial photograph interpretation and remotely sensed image analysis.
  8. Prospective areas of Minerals Deposition.
  9. Topography of Hydrocarbons.