GIS for Landuse Analytics

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions use geographic information systems (GIS) and related geospatial technologies in designing concepts and implementation of land use management. Land use management has wide spread to land balance distribution by proportion to agriculture, forestry, water, bare lands, Built-Up-Areas, transportation and conservation of natural resources.

Advance GIS tools of variable classification techniques and remote sensing concepts are applied to get the real insight of a given geographic location, this helps in planning and projection of future goals of Government decisions.

We commit with Government in attempts to designing the future of a given location.

The Material inputs required in designing Land use distribution are Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery and GIS Applications licenses.

GIS applications in land use management vary in terms of function from inventory and mapping to suitability analysis and spatial decision support.

Example of Land use Distribution Maps:-

It is from this analysis a land use change detection over time can be achieved see samples below:-