GIS For Land Administration Services

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions uses Geographic Information System (GIS) in managing land records. Although GIS has been used extensively in environmental resources management. We have used the Technology of ArcGIS in the Implementation of Kano Geographic Information Systems while as consultants from 2012-2015 with all the existing

GIS for Land Administration Services 1

limitations in the use of available GIS tools.

Land administration particularly in developing countries uses parcels systems at polygon level while the attribution schema collects the required Land file information.

Final Parcels geometry will take care of Survey Plans and Cadastral layout display while the attribution does the rest of the SQL jobs.

We therefore presented our self with a minimal robust, reliable and versatile technology for C-of-O Production blueprints, Letters of Grants Blue Prints and other necessary blueprints instrumentation for land administrative purpose.

For a successful implementation of Electronic Land Administrative system please read the following PDF below:-