GIS For Field Data Collection

Mama Information Technology and GIS Solutions Limited employ the use of both traditional (using GPS equipment) like GERMIN and differential GPS) and the modern (Android Phone Application based) methods of field data collection for settlements, POIS and other focal features of popular places. Through the following processes:-

GIS Field Coordinates Data collection 1

GIS Field Coordinates Data collection 2

  • Describing data collection workflows;
  • Understanding the primary data capture techniques in the field or surveying;
  • Towards preparation to Geodabase creation, familiarity with the secondary data capturing techniques of scanning, manual digitizing, vectorization, photogrammetry, and COGO feature construction is very important to us;
  • Understanding the principles of data transfer, sources of digital geographic data, and geographic data formats;
  • Analyzing practical issues associated with managing data capture projects.

The use of satellite Imagery to identify all points to be collected by name is our first priority, then the production of map instrument guiding the field data collection exercise. Subsequent to the field data collected a geospatial cleanup and data validation is our second priority followed by  production mapping or API development. Our team of experts is always at the stick of getting field data collection done efficiently, accurately and precisely.

We also go for minerals and precious stone location and depth data collection for Government, Agencies and possibly exploration / leasing companies. The use of GERMIN or Android Portable device is not employed to Lithosphere type of data collection but advance GIS equipment like TitanG-500