GIS Cadastral / Cadestre

Mama information Technology & GIS Solutions has initiated sophisticated GIS templates with data driven cartographic technology of Cadastral applications, ready for Ministries of Lands around Nigeria. This will include cadastral index maps and land registration instruments in a digital format.

Automation for all type of internal instrumentation are developed using GIS desktop applications that digitally connects textual data with parcel geometries interfaces.

The final goal is to generate digital maps which will facilitate land management and planning and in particular land registration and the issuance of land titles in order to promote security of land tenure and reduce land disputes.

Therefore GIS for land administration is not ‘just handling only geographic information’ spatial data (geodatabases) but represent a lawfully meaningful relationship amongst people, between people and land.

As the land administration activity on the one hand deals with huge amounts of data, which moreover are of a very dynamic in nature, and on the other hand requires a continuous maintenance process, the role of information technology is of strategic importance.

See some of land instrumentations Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions can desig based on states prototype (as a blue print with security embedded ) to produce in 10,000 copies per day at individual titles:-
GIS Cadastral / Cadestre 1The structure developed by Mama Information Technology and GIS Solutions Ltd to answer all Land Administrative questions are depicted in the diagram below:-
GIS Cadastral / Cadestre 2