GIS Application Services

Mama Information Technology and GIS Solutions Limited are Geographic Information System (GIS) experts. Our GIS commitments are to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data within the GIS applications having tools to create interactive queries (user-created searches), analyze spatial information, edit data in maps, and present the results of all these operations. Our technical team has the science underlying geographic concepts, applications and systems. 

Below are the fields our company has specialized on:-

  1. APIs programming:-

Mama Info. Tech. & GIS Sol. Ltd works through the required behavioral requirements of a feature services layer to a level of analytics dashboard at spatial level. We can also installed purchased GIS applications to our clients and give training on how to make use of them in a desired passion.

GIS Application Services 1We design a root rest-links package from our Client’s GIS Server to destination / location of other same remote offices through secured connections (e.g Point to point connections) using packages like SQL Management studio, sdes, and Stored datasets on the GIS Server / Portal architectures (feature service layers).

Our designs in rest-links packaging enable us to design an application required by our clients to enable them go places with spatial information. Our application allows for complete field data collection because of edit and save features embedded in our applications.

  1. Geodatabase Attribution Services (GAS):-

Mama Info. Tech. & GIS Sol. Ltd study the nature of our clients’ requirements and establish a standard attributes schema to address all the expected outputs required.

During our GIS jobs of attributing existing or non-existing feature layers with our clients we strongly advice to keep all related row data within a geodatabase (.gdb or other extensions). Packaging all our related data in a geodatabase makes it relatively portable and ready for Metadata, Feature Service and advance Production Mapping. See example of attributed schema (while consultants 2015) below:-

GIS Application Services 2

  1. GIS Maps Engineering Services:-

We have abided by the GIS revolution in Map production from single maps to thousands at a time with facing out of manual cartography into modern Still and Online Dynamic mapping system. Our GIS experts can produce all types of maps requiring mass production and placements of online symbology for all types of Maps like Topographic Maps, Micro-Plan Maps, Thematic 2D & 3D maps and Land Administration electronic instrumentation mapping into production (C-of-O, Letter of Grants etc.) to our committed clients. In our ethics blue prints of our instrumentation design has no duplicate all over the world.

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  1. GIS Location Analytics Service:-

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Ltd is expert in a unique position to design Analytics dashboards for wide range of business. We are already creating useful frameworks, data, and map layers that let non-GIS professionals, knowledge workers, and anyone in an organization to start the use of location and geography to make better business decisions. GIS Location Analytics Service:-

Our Impact in Analytics define our potentialities in generating analytics to address land administrative system and other fields of application The integration of mapping and geographic intelligence across the entire enterprise will reinforce and leverage the mission of GIS professionals, particularly in transforming the way organizations leverage geographic knowledge.

GIS Application Services 8

  1. GIS Geo-processing Services:-

GIS Application Services 9Mama Information Technology renders services to our clients within their own license terms and conditions of purchase to run a spatial analysis like thiessen polygons analysis, Land Cover analysis, Hydrology and a lot of tools provided under their own licenses within their office premises.

We are into advance geospatial analysis and remote sensing analytics ranging from Digital Elevation processing and Hydrocarbon deposits analysis from reliable raster datasets.

We run statistical analysis in helping to cleanup field data collection and even run analysis from Hydromet stations collected data for a better understanding of data insights to our committed clients.

Our expertise covers all the use spatial geoprocessing tools ESRI made available today.

  1. ESRI GIS Server Installation :-

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Ltd are expert in ESRI GIS Server Installation  through Verifying  system requirements, Server site configuration,  firewall settings, Creating logging  Manager credentials ,  ArcGIS Web Adaptor , establishment

GIS Application Services 10

a  server connection and  Grant permissions to data directories and Desktop client users of the required dataset.

We also install Server Express for instances to be used in case of using SQL Management Studio for databases administration and connections.

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