Geodatabase Creation & Management

Under a legal framework Mama Information Technology and GIS Solutions limited works round geodatabase creation and management which is known as a spatial database; a database design that allows for storage, query, and manipulations within geographic information and other APIs development. It is also a flowchart of raster and vectors (Lines Polylines, Polygons and points) within feature classes that are associated with a chosen spatial reference system.

Our database creation is not limited to Land Administration only but to the following as well:-

  1. Geodatabase for Topographic mapping (collected High Targets Points, DEMs and Drones raster).
  2. Geodatabase for Hydrology purposes (Flow Direction, Accumulation, Watersheds, Snap points)
  3. Geodatabase for Climatic and Weather Details ( Temperatures, Wind Direction, Speed, and other Hydro met data)
  4. Geodatabase for Land use proportion (Water, Bare lands, Vegetation and Built-up-Area distribution database).
  5. Geodatabase for Smart City development (3D Buildings, Settlements, POIs, Drainage, Roads and Popular Places).
  6. Geodatabases for Geospatial Intelligence and Administrative Mapping purposes.
  7. Geodatabases for new Irrigation layouts and farms compensation exercises.
  8. Geodatabases for tracking system for cloud based feature service layers.
  9. Geodatabases for Agricultural precision.
  10. Geodatabases for Mining Activities.
  11. Geodatabases for Population Census.
  12. Geodatabases for other spatial analysis not mentioned above.

A geodatabase record can be used at geometry level to represent a given location / area / perimeter of an object in the real physical world and other standard database data types to store the object’s associated attributes. Some geodatabases we have specialized in are, GIS for Land Administration (having over 300 fields of attributed schema).

We have specialized on both simple (personal Geodatabases) and complex (enterprise geodatabases) from those that have custom functions to those that have standard schema at COGO level. This will allow the spatial data to be manipulated and queried using SQL statements, for example to find all the plots layouts with functionality of “Commercial” of an area within an exposure zone for a potential environmental hazard. [land_use] = “Commercial” AND [harzard]= “VHR”

When we create a geodatabase that is cleaned and all attributes completed we call it a “Golddatabase” Like other spatial data formats of geodatabases can also be used to serve data directly to sde, feature service layers, web map server software, such as Esri’s online / offline ArcGIS Server, MapServer portal and Google’s mapping API.

We normally use a primary projection of UTM Minna Datum in Nigeria for Land Administrative purposes and DMS systems and the primary advantage of having those Land parcels at spatial databases over file-based data storage is to allow the datadriven technology to feasibly work on the database features
Geodatabase Creation and Management 1at index (unique IDs) for instrumentation and other blue prints creations for Land Administrative purposes.

We can generally build geodatabase from an existing survey plans to a relational database management systems (RDBMS). This includes support for SQL and the ability to generate complex geospatial queries. We can also configure and manage database’s client/server architecture with supports to multiple users simultaneously (sdes, SQL Management Studio, database server and lets them view, edit, and query the database without conflict.

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions have complied with the world standard of geodatabase creation and functions as follows:-

Geodatabase Creation and Management 2