Exploration of GIS Resources

Under a Legal Framework we run spatial analysis on a given geodataset for insights and statistical presentable data / information through Mapping and Dashboard Analytics for results / actions.
That we can produce large quantities of customized maps instruments through advance GIS mapping technology and online story maps for GIS Servers and Portals within DMSs and other APIs.
Exploration of GIS resources 1

We further explore other datasets like:-

  1. DEM for Land surface profiling
  2. ASTER Raster for reflectance analysis and Infrared codes interpretations.
  3. RGB Raster Classification and Land Use distribution.
  4. Other Feature extraction from manual process to automated extraction of a raster data.
  5. Raster Geometry corrections and color optimization
  6. Raster for Hydrocarbon Analytics.
  7. Temperature Raster processing and extraction.
  8. Raster for Mineral resources distribution and prospective area of high confidence.
  9. Raster for GEMS stones and other precious stones for mining cadastral
  10. Flood Analysis and Very High Risk (VHR) of flood potentials.
  11. Crowded data collection by coordinate’s analytics.
  12. Statistical Analytics dashboards for events and activities data interpretation and integration.

Our Skills in finding the insight of a data is prospective information under Geospatial intelligence and Geospatial revolution. Our analysis brings out facts about a geospatial data for an informed decision making.

We involve cognitive, passive and active type of attribute data analytics into location and places that moves from data to information and from information to data visa-viz.

Mama Information Technology have not gone far from the use of Gravity Model, Central Place theory, Weber Model of Industrial Location, Von Thunen’s Agricultural Model and Core Periphery Model in making insight knowledge of a given geodatabase for informed decision making.

We develop APIs for Java Script (or the purchased by our clients) that can integrate with your schema and present reliable information like cadastral report in Land administration.
Exploration of GIS resources 2