DEM & Terrain Feature Extraction

Under the license agreement of our clients Mama Information Technology uses its advance geoprocessing expertise to display on raster dataset collected from High target field surveyed x,y,z data, Drones DEMs, SRTM DEMS, Aster DEMs and e.t.c to profile a land surface geometrical properties through generation of  contours greater than 0.00m.
DEM & Terrain Feature Extraction 1

  • The GIS Technology today has made surface analysis through with invented Geo-processing tools at different modeling systems on Pads.
  • We also transcribe a 2D satellite imagery view to a 3D Scene DEM mapping using advance GIS Tools, It is also from same DEMs we do lineaments feature extraction, Morphological properties, tectonic properties, and relativity of Water Table 3D data views from 0(zero) surface of the earth.
    DEM & Terrain Feature Extraction 2
  • From a tempreture DEM we do also extract tempreture on daily basis of a desired location. Our analysis can given at an output of Degree Farenhight , Degree Kelvin and Degree Celcious.
  • From hydrocarbon DEMs we extracts triangulations of hydrocabon deposits and other related resources.