Dams Feature Extraction

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Ltd has GIS Package for reservoir creations along natural drainage fingers and extractions of existing Dams and Rivers (polygon feature extraction) along with their natural opacities from satellite imagery. Our Experts have pushed the boundaries of DAMs creation challenges with advance concepts of GIS Technology in remote sensing and use of drones for xyz datasets. Extracts from Hydrology analytics give rise to prospective areas of DAM Creation see dynamic Map sample below: –

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions considers Information, such as terrain surface, wadis network, land use and catchment boundaries are important for our system in dam site selection, which can be gathered from remotely sensed images. In particular, DEM can provide slope data which is the most influential factor on flood behaviour described in detail a workflow for the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) preprocessing and extraction from ASTER images including accuracy estimation. Remote Sensing in flood management noted that DEM model is the main part of flood hazard mapping. In particular, slopes data from DEM are useful for many hydrological studies and can be employed for dam location selection.