About the COMPANY

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Ltd is an expert in embedding Geographic Information Systems (GIS) within Information Technology in a direction to push the boundaries of Land Surface analytics, spatial thinking concepts / solutions and capabilities of best international practice in to reality, for innovative creation, implementation and execution of GIS cadastral, spatial analysis and costume Production mapping services through building GIS infrastructure for delivering Land administration solutions, Cooperate entities spatial requirements, sole qualities of Services across Ministries of Lands, agencies and other Governmental Parastatals / NGOs across Nigeria.

Mama Information Technology & GIS Solutions Ltd is 2019 registered Limited Liability Company, specialized in provision of Geo-spatial Cutting Edge Technology, Land Titling, Digital Topography, Life simulation systems and result  oriented Dash-Boards architecture.

The company is into not limited to the following:-
a.) Carrying out business on information technology through:-

  • Geospatial analytics.
  • Mapping and production mapping.
  • Remote & field coordinates data collection.
  • Setting up GIS Server  and “rest” service layer configurations.
  • Providing information Technology Education services (capacity building, Technology Transfer) and delivery of best result.
  • Costume designs of Document Management Systems (DMS) development.
  • Designing satellite and wireless communication from Commercials, Industries, Cooperate bodies and Government.
  • Designing GIS based website that goes live with GIS layers.

b.) Carry on Geographic Information Systems businesses  like:-

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software applications,use and processing,
  • Still Plans to GIS spatial computerization migration  (Digitization, Vectorization, Traverses and Imagery classification and features extraction.
  • Computer Networking projects; designing computer network Infrastructure with Server security.
  • Software installations, operations and to provide computer and networking maintenance.
  • Cleaning and regular preventive maintenance  services and to engage in the business of computer services and repairs, software and network faults troubleshooting and  upgrading Services.

c.) Carry on business in providing a wide range of developmental solutions  applicable to:-

  • Installation of complete Electronic Land Administration system / package in accordance to land use act of 1978.
  • Delivering  Layouts designing in 48 Hours at what ever quantity of parcels; Cadastral & Cadestre in irrigation systems.
  • Installation & configuration of full GIS server –client’s topology
  • Remote Sensing Analytics.
  • Spatial Analysis in Hydrology  (Flow Direction, Accumulation, length, Basin, Stream link, Stream Order, Pour Points, Lineaments Extraction & Watersheds).
  • Raster Classification and Feature extractions.
  • Vectorization, Digitization, Attribution of a designed Schema with “Titles” statutory  information on Cadastral Survey Plans Geodatabase.
  • Ethical Tracking system installations and configurations.
  • Developing a Revenue collection monitoring dashboard at spatial Portal for Government informed decisions making.
  • Hydrocarbon Remote sensing dataset analytics.
  • Mineral resources spatial database creation.
  • Delivering modern GIS solutions on Agricultural Precision Technology.
  • 3D Modeling of Land Profiles.
  • Production mapping scripts creation.
  • Water Table Geospatial Analytics.

d.) We also conduct research to do such other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attachment of the above object or any of them.

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